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Mold From Distemper – Did I Do Something Wrong?

Published by SEO on December 28, 2021 in category: Uncategorized

Mold preventionHaving mold growth on your walls, roofs, and others parts of the house can be an unpleasant sight. The green and black dots don’t usually make for a lovely residence

Mold grows quite rapidly, so walls may get infected if they are damp. You might opt for a fast cure by painting over the mold. But there it is, back on your walls, growing at the same rate. You may be wondering if distemper causes mold. No! Distemper paint does not affect mold growth, but the manner and type of paints used for mold removal and prevention do.

This post will discuss if painting over mold is a good idea and the best mold cleanup approach.

Is Painting Over Mold the Right Decision?

People think the best way to conceal mold so no one sees it is by painting over it. But there is a problem: you’re merely masking the mold for now. It’s not just about hiding the mold but removing it completely.  

Many people consider this option since it is the easiest way to conceal the unsightly evidence of mildew on their walls. When individuals opt to paint over mold, it is usually due to laziness and ignorance. They aren’t aware of the dangers of mold in the home. 

Unfortunately, it is all too common for landowners, property managers, and some residents to paint over mold since it is the most cost-effective and time-efficient option to hide mold.

Painting over mold will not solve the problem. The paint will not destroy the mold and will only conceal it for a limited time.The mold continues to develop beneath the paint, causing it to peel away from the wall.

Signs That You Have Mold Under Your Paint

If you have opted to paint over mold or fear that the walls of your house may have mold underneath the paint, you’ll most certainly see obvious indicators in damaged areas. Even if the entire wall is not impacted, a tiny quantity of mold can be a major concern. Here’s what you can see:

  1. Cracked, bubbled, or chipped paint.
  2. Light-colored paints such as white become yellow or develop a yellow tint, which indicates water damage.
  3. The ceilings and walls are not completely level. Another indicator of water damage is when they bubble or bend out.

If you notice mold, you most likely had water damage issues that did not get treated in the past, breading colonies of mold. If you detect mold development behind the wall paint, you must first identify the source of the leakage and make arrangements to repair it appropriately. 

You cannot and should not wait for mold to go away by itself; the longer you will wait, the more it will spread and cause issues. Mold can create a slew of major health problems for you and your family and will also decrease your property’s value in the market.

Paint over mold will not solve or conceal the issue. If you detect mold beneath your paint because of one of the indicators mentioned above, take action right away before the situation develops.

The Proper Way of Mold Removal and Repainting

The proper approach to handle the mold problem is first to identify the source of the moisture and then address that issue before removing the mold. If you have several types of mold, especially black mold on a big scale, it can be harmful and should be addressed by a cleanup professional. 

Before using paint over mold, we suggest you fix all the mold problems. If the mold growth is on a smaller scale, you can fix it yourself. If the mold growth is on a larger scale, you should hire professional mold removal services to handle you.

They will be able to examine your house, identify the amount of mold damage, and propose fixes. Mold develops rapidly (even under the paint), so the treatment may be more extensive than you realize.

While you may occasionally do the mold removal yourself, hiring a professional mold removal service in Big Rapids/Fremont since mold is stealthy and deadly. If you are not adequately trained, you risk contaminating the rest of the house, exacerbating the problem, or putting your family’s safety in danger.

Legalities for Presence of Mold

If you rent a home and think that your tenant or property management opted to paint over mold instead of treating the mold completely, you get the right to demand correct repairs. It is your life that is at stake.

If you are a property management company or landlord, you should always treat mold issues appropriately by hiring a professional mold cleanup company. 

While it may appear to be possible to paint over mold easily, you might land yourself in a costly lawsuit if your renters fall ill as a result of mold exposure that you deliberately concealed. It’s not worth the effort!


Mold is unattractive, and removal may be costly and time-consuming. Due to these factors, many property managers and homeowners prefer to paint over mold. However, it is a terrible choice for multiple reasons. Paint will neither kill mold nor will it stop its growth. Mold will keep developing beneath the paint, and you will notice apparent traces of mold once more.

Mold is a quiet assassin. It can harm your health and create long-term harm, even death. Mold may swiftly wreak havoc on your body, causing everything from headaches to itchy skin and significant mental or respiratory disorders. You will not even realize it until the damage has been done.

Call 911 Restoration of Big Rapids/Fremont and we will take the necessary procedures to remove it. It is never a good idea to paint over mold.

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